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Answered Prayers

I am writing this to share to everybody how the good Lord had answered our prayers in His perfect time. My hubby and I had plans to go back to the Philippines and live there. God had also impressed on our hearts to start a ministry there for the Lord. But we can't just go there right away. I have to wait for my US citizenship to be done, we have to sell our house and also wait for the payment from Cheasepeak company for our land with gas in Alvarado. My hubby had put the For Sale sign in front of our house more than a year ago. At that time I haven't filed for my US citizenship yet. There were lots of people who called and came and look at our house. Most of them were interested to buy it but they backed off when we told them we wanted cash for the payment. They can't get a loan from the bank. Then I filed for my US citizenship and it really took a while to wait for it. It was a long process. Still there were number of people who came and look at our house but no bite yet.…

Of All The Joys

At times I'm so discouraged
with problems of the day
I fail to see the joyful things
that are along the way
When troubles overwhelm me
It's then my nerves may fray
that's when I need to take the time

To simply sit and pray
Reflecting on God's many the gifts
It makes me so aware
Of all the joy in little things
around me everywhere!
I must try to remember
though problems come my way
not to miss the joyful things
and the beauty of the day.