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A Day Of Worship With The Family

We had our worship service in our carport last Sunday and my siblings with their families were all present. My brother Albin had finished installing the electric outlets and switch. My sister Violy had asked her maid to put some curtains to make the carport presentable for our worship service. Albin was the song leader and my brother-in-law played the organ. My hubby gave the message and it was really great serving and worshiping the Lord. After our service, we all ate together our lunch in our carport. We had a potluck.

my brother Albin as the song leader

Our Ministry

We've been here in the Philippines for more than a month already. I've been so glad to see my family whom I missed so much while I was in the US. It's so good to be home after more than 5 years of living in a foreign land. Texas became my homeland for the past five years and I learned to love the place and the people there. When hubby and I left our home in Wichita Falls I can't help myself but cry. It's been my home for 4 years and there were many memories there. But we have to do what the good Lord wants us to do and that is to go back in the Philippines and do missionary works. We've been praying about this for many months and the Lord had given us the means to go back to the Philippines. Hubby had to quit his job and left his family, friends and loved ones there. I know it's a sacrifice on his part but it's nothing compared to what Jesus Christ had done for us. He gave His life so we could be saved from our sins.

We've been having our services in…