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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watching God Work

READ | Ephesians 3:14-21

A modern tragedy in the church is that so few Christians are aware of the Lord's work in their daily life. Most believers rejoice when God answers prayer and marvel when He reveals a new scriptural concept. Yet too few of us expect Him to have any interest in our relationships or workday. We must remember that the Lord is involved in all aspects of our life, and we can see Him move if we look at things with His perspective.

First, we must have a right relationship with God. We will be blind to His work until we trust His Son as our personal Savior. At the moment of salvation, we're each given an amazing gift, the Holy Spirit, who provides spiritual discernment. He helps us see how situations that may appear insignificant or negative are actually part of the Father's plan to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ.

Second, we ought to be characterized by prayerfulness. Talking to God places Him at the center of our focus and makes us attentive to His work. As we pray, we are likely to be asking for His intervention on our behalf and watching carefully for His response.

Third, we have to submit our will to God. When we are prepared to do whatever it is the Lord requires of us, He most definitely will be working in our life. We can expect to see results every time we follow His guidance.

The Lord's work is an expression of His great love. He wants us to see what He is doing so our faith will be strengthened. If we are prayerful and submissive, the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to the Father's hand in our life.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank You Lord!

Lord, I want to thank you for all the things you have done. You are so good Lord and I want to praise and worship you all the days of my life. My life is yours Lord and use me to be your vessel of honor. Lord I want to thank you for giving my brother Celso a job in Singapore and for answering our prayers that he will pass the medical test so he can get a work permit there. I want to thank also those who prayed for my brother. God knows who you are and I believe God will return the favor to you. Lord continue to be with my brother and protect him there. Help him to adjust quickly in his job. Give him also peace so he will not miss his family that much. I thank you Lord for you saved my brother before he went to Singapore. I know that you will guide him and be with him as he work there so he can support his family. Continue to bless him in his health, his job and most especially his spiritual life. I pray that he will develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. I LOVE YOU LORD!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Sky Angel Cowboy

Here's a video of a little boy who is as young as he is, he had blessed a lot of people by sharing this voice message. He really touched my heart. God can truly use anybody to touch other people's hearts with Gods love and His word and this time He used this young boy named Logan. If only a small part of the world knew God as he seem to, what a better world this would be. Just watch the video below.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Five Sins of Christian Women

I've been reading this book entitled The Five Sins of Christian Women by Dr. Marlene Evans. I wanted to write about it here and share what I read. I'm not yet done reading it but I already learned a lot of lessons while reading this book. According to the author these are the five sins of christian women:

1) Nerves, Worry and Depression- Most of us commit this sin and I admit I'm one of them. I'm a worrier and sometimes I just can't help it. But now I have something to control it and that is through prayers. As they say, why worry when you can pray. Commit everything to the Lord and I find it effective.

2) Gossip and a Critical Spirit - Now, we women are really very fond of this thing, gossiping about others and criticizing them. So we better shut our mouth if we don't have anything good to say about other people or else we'll fall into this sin. No talk, no mistake.

3) Lack of Loving Your Husband and Children - We must love and obey our husband and try to please him all the time. Also we should give our time to the kids and show our love and devotion to them.

4) Immodest Dress- Christian women should have a dress code. According to the author our dress should be not too low, not too tight, not too short, not too dowdy not too extreme, not too mannish, not too sheer or bare. Christian women should not dress as the worldly women dress, that means no revealing clothes. A woman's dress can provoke a man to commit the unthinkable crime of rape. So ladies, when you go to the mirror, ask yourself, "Am I pleasing the Lord with my dress?" Your clothing reveals your attitude about yourself.

5) Lack Of Soul Winning, Bible and Prayer- Christian women need to win souls for Jesus by sharing the gospel to the lost. We also need to read our Bible daily and pray to God everyday of our lives. We should not be contented in going to church only on Sundays, sit there and just listen. We need to witness to other people about our Lord Jesus Christ so they too will get saved and go to heaven. We need to have fellowship with God daily by doing our daily devotion, talking to God through prayer and reading His Word. As I keep reading the book I found out that the author has added one more sin of christian women and that is

6) Jealousy - We tend to get jealous of what other people have that we don't have. At one time or another, every person gets jealous. We need to fight this sin of jealousy. We need to be satisfied with what the good Lord has given us. So these are the sins of Christian women.

As long as we are in these flesh and blood, we tend to commit sin. But the Bible says in 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."