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Our Church Christmas Celebration

We celebrated our church's Christmas party last Sunday, December 23rd. We had our service first then after that we had our lunch. Foods were all provided by our church. One of our church members there who is my uncle did the cooking and he donated the rice. He cooked 6 kilos of pork adobo, pinakbet and rice. My brother cooked chicken (sisig) and I made fruit salad with agar-agar. We served apple juice. We had some visitors who came for the first time. Everybody enjoyed the foods.

After lunch we had the singing contest, memory verse contest, parlor games and the exchange gifts. Parlor games were sack race, pinoy henyo, longest line and kalamansi relay. The winners were given prizes. The kids had a blast. Everybody including adults were given chocolates and crackers.

Discovering God's Will

Psalm 119:105-106

Life involves both small daily choices and large consequential ones. Including God in our decision-making is always the wisest course of action. The Scripture that we have memorized is something the Holy Spirit uses to help us discover God’s will.
The pattern I have found beneficial in making decisions can also help you with choices regarding relationships, finances, health, employment, or other important areas. The first step involves assessing the heart, mind, and will. To receive the Lord’s direction, we need a clean heart, a clear mind, and a surrendered will. Sinful habits can cloud thinking and keep us from understanding His plan. Confessing our sins and turning from them brings cleansing and clarity (1 John 1:9). A stubborn will that says, “I want my way” prevents us from heeding God’s instruction. Instead, we need to surrender our desires and commit ourselves to saying yes to His plan.
The second step is to wait patiently on the Lord for His answer. It t…