The Five Sins of Christian Women

I've been reading this book entitled The Five Sins of Christian Women by Dr. Marlene Evans. I wanted to write about it here and share what I read. I'm not yet done reading it but I already learned a lot of lessons while reading this book. According to the author these are the five sins of christian women:

1) Nerves, Worry and Depression- Most of us commit this sin and I admit I'm one of them. I'm a worrier and sometimes I just can't help it. But now I have something to control it and that is through prayers. As they say, why worry when you can pray. Commit everything to the Lord and I find it effective.

2) Gossip and a Critical Spirit - Now, we women are really very fond of this thing, gossiping about others and criticizing them. So we better shut our mouth if we don't have anything good to say about other people or else we'll fall into this sin. No talk, no mistake.

3) Lack of Loving Your Husband and Children - We must love and obey our husband and try to please him all the time. Also we should give our time to the kids and show our love and devotion to them.

4) Immodest Dress- Christian women should have a dress code. According to the author our dress should be not too low, not too tight, not too short, not too dowdy not too extreme, not too mannish, not too sheer or bare. Christian women should not dress as the worldly women dress, that means no revealing clothes. A woman's dress can provoke a man to commit the unthinkable crime of rape. So ladies, when you go to the mirror, ask yourself, "Am I pleasing the Lord with my dress?" Your clothing reveals your attitude about yourself.

5) Lack Of Soul Winning, Bible and Prayer- Christian women need to win souls for Jesus by sharing the gospel to the lost. We also need to read our Bible daily and pray to God everyday of our lives. We should not be contented in going to church only on Sundays, sit there and just listen. We need to witness to other people about our Lord Jesus Christ so they too will get saved and go to heaven. We need to have fellowship with God daily by doing our daily devotion, talking to God through prayer and reading His Word. As I keep reading the book I found out that the author has added one more sin of christian women and that is

6) Jealousy - We tend to get jealous of what other people have that we don't have. At one time or another, every person gets jealous. We need to fight this sin of jealousy. We need to be satisfied with what the good Lord has given us. So these are the sins of Christian women.

As long as we are in these flesh and blood, we tend to commit sin. But the Bible says in 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."


MsRay said…
Beautiful post, Liza. Thank you for sharing with us these lessons. I'll try to look for and get a copy of this book.

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