Answered Prayers

I am writing this to share to everybody how the good Lord had answered our prayers in His perfect time. My hubby and I had plans to go back to the Philippines and live there. God had also impressed on our hearts to start a ministry there for the Lord. But we can't just go there right away. I have to wait for my US citizenship to be done, we have to sell our house and also wait for the payment from Cheasepeak company for our land with gas in Alvarado. My hubby had put the For Sale sign in front of our house more than a year ago. At that time I haven't filed for my US citizenship yet. There were lots of people who called and came and look at our house. Most of them were interested to buy it but they backed off when we told them we wanted cash for the payment. They can't get a loan from the bank. Then I filed for my US citizenship and it really took a while to wait for it. It was a long process. Still there were number of people who came and look at our house but no bite yet. My hubby and I kept praying and trusting the Lord that he will send us a buyer in His time. Then I got a mail from the USCIS regarding my US citizenship application. To make the long story short, after 8 months since I filed for my US citizenship application, passed the interview, I was finally sworn in as a US citizen last October 2, 2008. It was an answered prayer and hubby and I praised God for that.

Then on November 3, 2008, while I was walking around our block, It's like something or somebody was urging me to go to the Central Bail Bond office, just one house after house. I know that they bought the house next door and I was just wondering if they would want to buy our house too. I told my hubby when he came for lunch that I wanna go there to that office and ask them to buy our house. He said it's up to me. So when hubby left for work, I prayed first to God to teach me what to say when I'll go there. After that I went outside again and did my walking with the intention of stopping by in that office. I walked back and forth and at first I was so shy to go but the urge inside me to go was so strong. So finally I gained the courage to go to that office and offered the daughter of the owner to buy our house. She asked how much we want for it and I told her the price. She said she will tell her dad when he come by in the office. Then I went inside the house and I was just praying to God to give us a buyer of our house. I was singing praise and worship song while working in the kitchen that time. Then our phone rang. I didn't answer it thinking it was one of those telemarketers. When the lady who was calling was leaving a message and I heard that it's about the payment from Cheasepeak, I grabbed the phone and talked to her. She wanted to know where will they send the payment, in Alvarado or here in Wichita Falls. I asked her if can they send it to our bank account. I had the feeling that moment that we will sell our house soon and it will be a problem again to change the mailing address. So the lady said that she will mail the form that my hubby will sign so they can deposit the payment to our bank account. I was so happy after I talked to her and I called my hubby right away. He said he wanted the first payment to be sent in our mailing address. I tried to call the lady but I got no answer. Hubby said, never mind. They can send the payment to our bank.

After maybe half an hour, I was still in the kitchen trying to start cooking for supper when I heard a knock from our door. Instantly, I had the feeling that it was the lady whom I offered to buy our house. When I opened the door, there she was! She told me that her dad stopped by their office and he made an offer to buy our house. She quoted the price that her dad wanted to pay and it's lower than what we were asking for. But the catch is, they are willing to pay cash, the taxes and the closing cost. We won't have to pay anything in the closing cost. I was so stunned and I told her that I have to tell my hubby about it. I called my hubby right away and told him about their offer. He said we will talk about it when he comes home. To make the story short, we decided to accept the offer. That night, my hubby and I had a devotion and we were just praising and thanking God for answered prayers. Just imagine, in just one day, two of what we've been praying for in a long time had been answered. I can't help myself but cry. I can't contain my happiness that I was shedding tears of joy. God is so faithful. He answered our prayers in His perfect time. Three days after, I received my US passport in the mail. It's really amazing how everything had worked out. When we were praying about it many, many months ago, it's like there was no clear answer but I never lose hope. I told my hubby that God will answer our prayers in His time table, not ours. He can see the big picture and we can't. It reminds me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible, "All things work together for good, those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28. God knows our hearts' desire, to go back to the Philippines and do His work. For months I have been praying and crying out my heart to God to make our plans come true. My hubby and I committed everything to Him, our plans, our lives and all that we have. It is all for His glory and we asked God to use us in a mighty way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Ephesians 3:20


Hi! I'm Grace said…
Lis, I'm happy with your testimonies, to God be the glory! But somehow, I'm sad,too... are you guys moving to Philippines soon? :(
MsRay said…
Thank you for the testimony, Lisa. Indeed, if we delight ourselves unto the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart. God bless you and your husband.
Lisa said…
Yes Grace, we're going back to the Philippines. It's been our hearts' desire to move there and start a ministry for the Lord.

Thanks Ms. Ray for the comment. I appreciate it.
juliana said…
what a blessing from God indeed. I'm happy for you manang. you have been waiting for this, and everything happened at the perfect time.

maka pakialam nga ako, I hope you won't mind. what do you mean when you wrote that thing about gas for the land?

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