A Recent Miracle In Egypt

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their infant baby and an 8-year old daughter.

The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him,they found the 2 little girls under the sand - ALIVE!

The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed.

The older girl was asked how she had survived and she says:- "A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister," she said. She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by availed Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, "This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!"

Jesus would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it's clear also that He is alive! But, it's also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle. Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what to do with this, and the popularity of the Passion movie doesn't help! With Egypt at the center of the media and education in the Middle East, you can be sure this story will spread.

Christ is still turning the world upside down! The Lord says, "I will bless the person who puts his trust in me." Jeremiah 17


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Uh- yeah Christian's need to check for facts before shouting "glory" it only makes them look like religious folk from the the unenlightened dark ages.
Sorry to burst the miraculous bubble but unsubstantiated claims (i.e. friggin chain letter emails) DON'T warrent praise to Yehweh.
Anonymous said…
who are either of you to say that it hasn't happened? there have been cases in history where a muslim man has killed his wife and children and kept it hushed up because they were doing things against the quaran that warranted their murder. a woman who commits adultery, for example, is stoned to death, whereas a man who commits murder is sent to jail for only a few years. facts have nothing to do with it, God doesn't make sense because he made sense.
don't forget, jesus can do anything. he could walk into this room i'm in right this moment and sure, it would scare the pants off me because i'm not exactly on the straight and narrow. but look: what i'm trying to get at is this:
have some faith people.
the bible says that if you have faith you can move mountains and at the one moment where we need faith all are losing it.
and besides, if this particular case somehow didn't happen, it would have happened somewhere in history. people have seen angels, so why not jesus?
Anonymous said…
Sadly, oh ye of little faith, I pray for thee. It is with great joy in my soul that I would pick thee up and save you all from damnation. Your negative comments prove your fear of the Lord, you now need to fear Him justly for He will be just with you when it is your time. I would rather live a good and faithful life believing there is a God and die to never know there is not one, than to live my life not being a believer in the Lord, being agnostic or atheist, then dying and finding out there is a God and I have failed Him in this life. Then it is too late. Thank You for Your miracles Jesus.
Anonymous said…
well it started somewhere... it doesn't seem real to me. and why would anyone lie to give Him the "praise" - He can do it all on his own - He is GOD you know... for even liers shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven
meme said…
To anonymous his name isn't spelled Yehweh its YAHWEH!Elohim and Yahshua the Messiah!
Saint Padraig said…
Here's a link to two "urban legends" websites that debunk this myth:

snopes and truthorfiction are just blogs and not journalists.

i can tell you that i was involved in a story that was supposedly 'debunked' these sites, yet they were wrong because the bloggers simply dont have the ability to do anything else but read the net and comment.
you'd be better off and more credible by saying you did your own online investigation and cant find a source.
Bajan Boy said…
It is amazing how we so readily accept that which is more plausible and suitable to us. You trade one internet source for the another and call it evidence even though it can be just as wrong as all the others. How do you know they are not just hitting out at christianity.

From the sources I have checked through googling, the ones that that back it seem more reliable than those that dont.

So essentially what im saying is that i think some of the unsubstantiated claims that it hasnt happened need to be proved, because it appears in a chain email doesnt mean it is wrong it means it is a chain email, and the facts of it need to be proven by the readers. Ps whether or not is real if i feel lime shouting glory hallelujah to my YAHWEH,Elohim,Yahshua whomever you please THERE AINT A devil demon or man that has the right to tell me not to. STUDY IT!!
Anonymous said…
True Believer.
I do understand that by human nature we are inclined to want actual visual proof or documentations of such matters. What I don't understand is the mediocrity that is shown between God's word (BIBLE)and our earthly flesh. Although there is no supporting proof of this happening, I in fact DO believe! I believe because I also factor in outside influences, such as Egypt being in the majority of Muslim faith as well as it being in another country that I don't have direct access to to see how the temperament is when it comes to Christianity. Therefore I encourage all to explore your belief before making the assumption that this story is fictional. And even if you don't believe just realize that just because no one has pictures, or written documentation, doesn't make it false. It just doesn't satisfy your requirements of truth and who is really able to do such a thing other than God himself.

2 Corinthians 5:7 - "We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight"
Anonymous said…
It's amazing how so many people who have barely read a page of the Bible can just dismiss a book written 2000 years ago,with 66 books written by over 50 authors,that is proven 96.5 percent accurate by many scientists and historians over the years,is followed by millions,and has perfect instruction for all aspects of life,only to name a few amazing facts.A book that is the most accurate histotic record of the past and continues to this day to acuratelly predict the future!So go and read it and then tell me again it's not absolutelly AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
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c.gibbs said…
Be of good cheer...saith the lord. If you as believers can stand up for the Lord your savior what a great day this has become. It is easy to say that this story is not real but if you have read the bible you know that Jesus can walk on water, turn water into wine, make the blind see, make a dead man awake, take a cut off ear and make whole again, make two fish feed millions. How is it so hard to believe that Jesus could keep two children alive for 14 days and awake a dead woman to feed her child. If you don;t have faith...I guess it would be hard to believe...Doubting Thomas...huh. Well I hope that those who believe that this is a myth...will not only research the web but research the bible. Jesus loves all people and he forgives all who truly ask and truly beieve that he is the Great I AM. So never give up faith instead ask Jesus to walk daily in your lives and remeber God is a awesome God who can do all things. Nothing is too little for my GOD!!! The Great I AM>>>>>>>>>So be strong and stay faithful to the savior of our world.
twsczj said…
may I know is this story true ? I mean I am a christian, but nowadays internet has been misused so many times. so not sure whether can be trusted. I do hope it is true though.

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