I Was There…

I was there on the day you were born,
And I gave you special gifts to last a lifetime.

I touched you, made you smile, helped you grow
And watched you take your first steps.

I even reassured you that everything would be okay
When you lost your first tooth.

I saw you off on your first day of school
And I lingered by your side the whole day.

I was there to console you everytime you cried,
And I held you everytime you fell and scraped your knees.

I was there everyday all through the years,
And I always strived to give you direction.

I helped you every step of the way into adulthood,
Bringing you daily gifts of inspiration, hope and love

And I gave you trials so you could grow
Into the warm and beautiful person you are…
But I never abandoned you to them.

I’ve never, not for a single second
Turned my back on you when you needed me---
Even when you thought that you didn’t need me.

I heard you everytime you spoke and I answered every prayer---
Though sometimes, for your best interest,
I didn’t answer them the way you hoped I would.

I’m still with you through your joys, your hope, your tears, your dreams…
Through the bad days, the good days---through everyday of your life.

And I will be there in the end to give you comfort and to see you safely home
Where you’ll sit beside me in all the glory of heaven.

---Love God

I hope you'll remember today that God is there, giving you His love and care. He's lending you His strength, sending many blessings your way, and giving you the gift of a bright new day.


I totally agree but sometime we forget this and we ignore the fact that he is always there for us.. Have a blessed day to you

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