The Power Of Prayer

My hubby requested to our pastor that he would like to preach in our church before we leave Texas for the Philippines. So my hubby got to preach Wednesday night. His message was about PRAYER. Before he started his message, he told the congregation how the good Lord has answered our prayers. For many months, we've been praying to the good Lord that we can sell our house and give us the means so we can go back to the Philippines. My hubby even set a goal that he would like to go to the Philippines by the end of this year. I told him it's impossible because it's not easy to sell a house these days. It was already October and still we didn't have a buyer. But then, we kept on praying and believing that God will answer our prayers in His time and He did. God sent us a buyer of our house on the 1st week of November. Now we're getting ready to go back to the Philippines. It's really amazing how the good Lord answers prayers. If you pray, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours. Praise the Lord!

Below is the photo of my hubby when he preached last Wednesday. You can watch the video of our church service that night by clicking here and it will lead you to our church website.


Donna Bragg said…
Hello Sister,
Praise GOD for your answered prayer. How encouraging it is to hear of your faith. My husband and I too are trying to sell a house that we are not using. We are in Belgium due to hubby being in the ARMY and we are praying in faith to have it sold really soon.
I read the other day in Hebrews 11:6...
but without faith it is impossible to please HIM, for he who comes to GOD must believe that HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM. I just love HIS WORD. Thank GOD for those who really have the faith in GOD who will see them through all trials of life.
Praise GOD for selling your house for you. I pray for you as you prepare for your travels. GOD BLESS!!!
Your sister in CHRIST,
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Donna Bragg said…
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