Film Showing Of The Movie "Jesus"

We had our 2nd film showing last Holy Thursday (April 9) in our carport of the movie "Jesus" from the book of Luke. There were more people who came and watched than the first time that we had a film showing. Our carport was so crowded. We were so glad that a lot of people came to watch. The movie was just in time for the Holy Week as they call it here in the Philippines. The said movie was translated in different languages and dialect so the people could understand it. It was a 2 hour movie and while the people were watching we gave them peanuts to munch. After the film showing, we feed the people with "arroz caldo", a Filipino delicacy. My sister was the one who cooked it. Most of the people who came said that they were blessed with the movie and they really appreciated it. Imagine, they got to watch a movie and had snacks all for free, he-he!

Then the next day which was Good Friday, we had a film showing in one of the villages here in our town where most of my relatives from my mother's side live. We went to talk to them first about our plan of showing a movie to their place if they will agree. We're so glad they did so we arranged with some of my kinfolks there to come and haul the piece of plyboard that my brother had made and painted white as a screen. We don't have a roll up screen yet for our film showing. This will be our next project. Anyways, during the night of the film showing, lots of people came to watch. We had it in the open front yard of one of my relative's house. Before the movie was finished it showered but just for a little bit. It's good the people didn't go home, they just went under the shades. It was already almost 10:00 PM when the movie was finished. Well, film showing is one way to reach out people for Christ and we will continue this and it will be a part of our ministry here.


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