It's been a while since I updated this blog. I know I've been lagging behind regarding my updates here. As I've written before, we don't have a church building yet so we use our house in holding our services. We tried to rent a house to hold our services but there was a misunderstanding with the owner. The house have no electricity and the rent she was asking was a little high so we didn't push through. Last month, we bought a 70 x 70 inch projector screen, speakers and a microphone to be used for our film showing ministry. We've been checking out the prices of the screen here in our province before we bought and it was pricey. We ended up buying it in Manila and it was cheaper there.

We're planning again to show a gospel movie. Hubby and I have been checking out the Christian stores here to see what movies they got. They have some gospel movies that we want and we will have to buy it next time. We still have some gospel movies here that we haven't shown yet. Another project that needs to be done is our hymnals. We only printed a few copies of hymns and that's what we use to sing songs for the Lord during our services. We will do what we can do to serve and worship the Lord. To God be the glory!


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