How To Live A Victorious Life

God wants all his children to live a victorious life. Here are 4 steps to guide you on how achieve it.

. Accept who you are
Accept that you are a sinner and that you need help. If you let Jesus deal with your life, He can change everything and give you a meaningful, fruitful life.

2. Accept you need help
Just accept the fact that you need help. If you living in sin, Jesus can help you to throw the garbage (sin) be reconciled to God.

3. Accept you are willing to change
Just tell Jesus that you are willing to be changed. Only Jesus died for you and your sins. Therefore give him a chance. He will change your lifestyle.

4. Accept victory
You will be victorious in everything in life. When you invite Jesus in to your life, He will make you His daughter/son and you will have eternal life and you will never be rejected, but you will be forgiven. You become the daughter or son of the living God.


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