It's Our 2nd Year!

We celebrated our church's 2nd year anniversary last Sunday. It's been 2 years since hubby and I started our ministry and our labor for the Lord. I remember, we started with just three families and we were only 12 when we had our first service. My aunt and sister were still with us that time. My sister was our church's treasurer and secretary and her hubby was the song leader. It's not that easy to start a church here. There were times that we get so disappointed and frustrated especially it's not easy to witness to people and invite them to church. Some people will say yes they will come but when Sunday comes they will not appear. There was a time that we wanted to give up but I thank God we did not. We had to persevere, invited kids and adults as well. We started DVBS last year and after that our attendance had increased.

Before our church anniversary, hubby and I went out and invited people again to attend and celebrate with us. We also had a film showing Saturday night of the movie "Facing The Giants" and after the movie, we showed the photos of our church's activities since we started our ministry which my brother-in-law put in a CD. Come Sunday morning, I was only expecting around 20 kids in my Sunday school but 30 kids came. Also in the adults Sunday school the attendance increased. There were some first timers there. We had a full house last Sunday and hubby and I were so glad! I don't know if they just learned that we butchered 2 goats for our celebration and they wanted a free lunch, lol! But who cares? The important thing is they came and joined us in Sunday school, worship service and lunch. We had a full house on our Church's 2nd year anniversary. Go, go, go Living Water Baptist Church! More anniversaries to come and more souls to be saved!!!


And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)


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