Lion-Sized Boldness

In 1934, Adolf Hitler summoned German church leaders to his Berlin office to berate them for insufficiently supporting his programs. Pastor Martin Niemöller explained that he was concerned only for the welfare of the church and of the German people. Hitler snapped, "You confine yourself to the church. I'll take care of the German people." Niemöller replied, "You said that ‘I will take care of the German people.' But we too, as Christians and churchmen, have a responsibility toward the German people. That responsibility was entrusted to us by God, and neither you nor anyone in this world has the power to take it from us."

 It's easy to be intimidated today, for Christian values and convictions are the laughingstock of a godless society. But this is no time to be on the defensive. Christ overturned the moneychangers in the temple without flinching. If Jesus stood firm in His day and Niemöller in his, we can stand for Christ today--as bold as a lion.

The fearful hare trembles at every cry; but the courageous lion is unmoved by the greatest clamors. Were believers to shrink back at every contrary wind that blows, they would never make their voyage to heaven. William Secker, seventeenth-century clergyman 

 The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1 KJV


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