Giving Out Gospel Tracts During All Saints' Day

Last November 1st which was a holiday being an All Saints' Day in the Philippines, we set that day to go to the cemetery to give out gospel tracts to the people there. We all know that this is a day wherein people here go to the cemetery to visit their dead kinfolks and offer candles and flowers. This is a good time and opportunity to give out tracts to the people. Six kids from our church went went us and we brought with us 400 gospel tracts printed in Tagalog which we shipped from the states. It was hot in the afternoon but we endured the heat and went to the very crowded cemetery.

At first, the kids were shy but I told them not to bashful and just hand the tracts to the people. They have seen George handed the tracts and the people received it. So they did as I told them and we roamed around the cemetery and handed out the gospel tracts. Some people ignored it, others asked if they have to pay for it but the kids answered it's for free. George passed out most of the tracts and people were willing to receive it. That's the advantage of being an American, huh! Some people whom I handed out the tracts just ignored it. After an hour and a half, we were able to give out all the tracts that we had and we went home tired but happy because we had the chance to hand out to people God's message. I know not all people who received the tracts will get saved but at least we planted seeds in their lives. They had a chance to be confronted with the message of sin, righteousness, judgment and a call to repent and believe in Jesus Christ alone for the salvation of their souls.


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