All Things Work Together For Good...

Since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, there were verses in the Bible that I memorized and I quote it most of the time. One verse that I really like is Romans 8:28 which says "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." This has been true to me with all the experiences that I've been through. I've been to a lot of trials in life and during those trials, I didn't know then what was God's plan for my life. I just put my trust in Him, believing that He knows what's best for me. I also believe that God will not give me trials that I can't bear. He can see the big picture and I don't. How could I tell 12 years ago when I was diagnosed of the Big C that I will survive it and get healed? How could I tell 8 years ago when I broke up with my BF that I will find the right man here in the US? During those times that my world seemed to fall apart, God was in control. I trusted in Him and I committed my life and my future to Him. During those times, I believed that God will see me through and He was my comfort during those lowest moments in my life. Those trials in life made me stronger and it increased my faith in my Lord and Savior. He molded me like a clay, started to form me, shape me and mold me into who He wanted me to be.

I love reading God's Word. It's my comfort whenever I'm troubled. I even highlighted a lot of verses in my Bible that I really love. I tried to memorize them too. I love reading the book of Psalms. When you read the Word of God, the Word is life. It penetrates your heart, your mind, your spirit. Those deep places that you don’t even know exist, those places that hurt, the Word began to heal. God speaks to me through His Word and by reading it daily, it make me fall in love more and more to my God. He has done great things for me and He deserve first place in my life.


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