My Lord

Lord, You are my Shepherd
I will not be afraid
You make me dwell in peace
You are my light
And the Lord of my journey
Your rod and your staff
Comfort me
So I'll sing in the valley
Shout from the mountain
Drink from the river
Dance near the fountain
Of your everlasting life
And your eternal love.


Elaine said…
I've close to God specially my kids & myself been in this difficult times in our life , divorce, eviction from our marital house by my inlaws, my kids was so distraught,sad -leaving Virginia Beach that we love specially for 23 years.& I know God is with us. One incident when we left our 2 birds at home, w/ no one to take care, I have to be 200 miles away for my divorce court date, when my kids & I came back home our birds have fresh clean water and enough food, they were in silence, usually they are noisy of excitement when we go outof town. My son & I was shock & felt God visited us & prove me that he is listening to my prayers & He is there for me for the sake of Love Peace, Joy & Health that we are longing for."I know Justice & Love to God prevail" I have so many signs from God: Why do I always see this number 111; $11.11; 1:11 am/pm; 11:11am/pm; its amazing that I never experience this only now that Im going thru a lot w/ God's Blessings & recieving the Holy Spirit, May God Bless You specially have Faith & trust in Him. Love Elaine

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