Internet Service

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

My husband and I realized the other day that we could call and also get our internet service through them. It’s incredibly affordable, and it’s one fewer bill to worry about. Given how busy and stressful our lives are these days, one fewer bill is a huge relief. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but our lives have gotten incredibly hectic lately. It feels like we run from one obligation to the next, with little to no time to relax in between. With our new bundle of television and internet, we streamline the time we spend paying bills. Plus, we get to enjoy a ton of awesome television channels and home internet for an incredibly affordable price. We loved making the phone call to our old internet provider to tell them we were canceling our service, and it took us only a couple of minutes to get our service switched over. It was so painless; I definitely recommend it. You’ll be amazed how much having one fewer bill to pay can relax you. Give them a call today to make the change!


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