Church Building Begins

It's been over 2 years since we bought a piece of land for our church. Since then, we've been praying that God will provide what we need to construct a church building. Since we started our ministry in Anis, we've been holding our services in a rented, small bungalow house. When we have some visitors and all the kids in Sunday school are present, we get full pack and crowded. Some people even sit outside. We kept praying and trusting God that He will give what we've been asking for, anyways, it will be His house of worship. I asked my brother to draw a plan for our church. He's an architecture graduate (under board) and he's good in Autocad. After he drew the plan, hubby and I like it so we showed it to the church members and everybody like it too. We all agreed that we need to start the building as soon as possible though we don't have yet enough money to finish it. We have faith that God will provide the necessary amount to finish His house.

So last August 8th, the workers started to lay out the foundations of  our church building. Prior to that, we bought building materials like cement, hallow blocks, sand and gravel, steel rebars, steel wires, 2x2 lumber, ply woods, We only hired 4 workers to work on it and we pay them on a weekly basis. So digging began and the rebars were cut and tied for the concrete columns. Below is the site of the future church building of Living Water Baptist Church. I am so excited and I just can't wait to see it finished, God willing.

After 6 days of working, the workers had to stop because rainy season began. Also typhoons kept coming and it's been two weeks of continuous rain. The workers will just resume working when the rainy season will stop. Maybe the Lord gives more time for the people to give more for the construction of our church building. If you are being led by the Lord to give, then just click Donate on the left side column of my blog. Whatever you give to God comes back to you a hundredfold. I believe that we can't out-give God. Thanks and may God bless you all.


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