PGA new home communities mean a whole lot of PGA golf in Port St Lucie

This is a guest post.

There are certain things that it seems you’re just supposed to do in life as you get older. And no I’m not talking about the un-fun things like writing up a Last Will and Testament or Life Insurance. I’m talking about the good stuff like playing golf and drinking great scotch. Well, or playing golf while drinking great scotch. Oh what fun!

As a youngster I remember my family living on a golf course in a place called Hidden Hills in Jacksonville. But unfortunately at the time I wasn’t interested in golf at all. I was a young entrepreneur though and my brother and I used to fish golf balls out of a pond and sell them back to players. Now that I think back I could have totally played the hell out of that hole and it probably would have been a lot of fun. We lived on the eleventh hole. It wasn’t until we had long moved from that neighborhood that I picked up a golf club and fell in love.

I’ve been trying to live on a golf course again ever since. Well, I guess the next best thing is if your mom and dad live on a golf course, right? So there’s apparently all of these PGA new home communities and my parents found an awesome one. I’m learning quite quickly that PGA golf in Port St Lucie is a pretty big deal, and I like it. My parents are all moved in to their new house on a golf course and even though I’m now in my mid-thirties I think I’m going to move into the guest bedroom with my golf clubs.


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