By Faith Alone

READ | Romans 1:16-17

If you're too proud to submit to God, you'll never get to heaven. You may be a kind, gentle person; you may even be naturally compassionate and charitable. But if your pride keeps you from admitting your need for Christ, then you'll never accept His gift of salvation. Many people are in hell because their heart was too hard and they believed their mind was too smart for God.

There's only one way to reach heaven. Holy God cannot tolerate sin in His presence. In Romans 6:23, He decreed the penalty for sin is death. But, as Romans 3:23 tells us, everyone is a sinner. God mercifully sent His Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to provide a bridge between mankind and Himself. This gift is all that's needed for a person to enter into a relationship with God.

The believer doesn't work or reason his way into heaven. The bridge spanning the gap between each individual and God is crossed only through an act of faith. That's achieved by acknowledging the need for a Savior and accepting Christ's death on the cross as payment for sin.

Some people may want only what they deserve. But Romans 3:23-24 says no one deserves grace. Others may want only what they have worked for. But Ephesians 2:8-9 says nobody can earn salvation. And yet, the heavenly Father wants to give grace and salvation to us, even though we're undeserving. The truly wise people of this world accept the God's truth. They bend their spirits—and their knees—before the Lord.


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