Giving God His Rightful Share

READ | Malachi 3:7-12

Through the prophet Malachi, God issued a warning to the Israelites about their unacceptable stewardship. They weren't properly handling the resources God entrusted to them. The Lord said to stop robbing Him of the tithe that was due Him. A tithe was ten percent of their income and was given in crops, animals, or with other resources.

Understanding certain biblical principles enables us to handle our earnings in a way that pleases God:

First, as Psalm 50:10-12 says, the Lord is the owner of all things. He created the heavens and the earth. He made all living creatures, birds that fly in the air, creatures that move in the water, and animals that live on the land. He also created man and woman, who are made in His image. Genesis says everything that has the breath of life belongs to Him.

Second, God appoints His children to be the stewards of what He owns. He gave Adam, Eve, and their descendants the responsibility for taking care of everything He created.

Third, God expects us to be good stewards. In other words, we're to make use of what He has given and return what is due Him. The Lord shouldn't be the last to receive. Give to Him first. That's before paying the bills or spending on personal pleasures.

The Lord will give us material blessings, but He expects us to return to Him a portion of what we've received. The tithe was designated as the starting point in giving. Are you returning to God His rightful share?


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