Free Bibles

Yesterday, hubby and I went to attend the orientation and to pick up the free Bibles from the Philippine Bible Society. We arrived there at 10AM because we were in the second batch. The first batch was not yet finished when we arrived and I was surprised to see a lot of pastors and ministers from different churches who were there to attend the orientation and to pick up free Bibles too. We have to pay Ph165 for the registration and they gave each church 50 Bibles and also 40 pieces free visual aids for the kids in my Sunday School with matching story and Bible reference at the back. We were also given 20 booklets of the Book of John. We saved more than Ph7000 just for the Bibles alone.

During the orientation, the speaker told us that the donor of the Bibles is the Generic Pharmacy. They give out 1 million Bibles yearly to the Filipinos. According to the statistics in 2010, there are more than 94,013,200 million Filipinos and only 40% Filipinos own Bibles while the other 60% don't have. So there are 56,407,920 Filipinos who don't have Bibles. It's a good thing there are people who has big hearts and very much concern to lost souls going to hell like the Generic Pharmacy that they donate 1 million Bibles yearly. I hope there will be more like them because if they are the only donors, it will take more than 56 years for them to give Bibles to all the Filipinos. Thank you Generic Pharmacy and may your tribe increase!


i am overwhelmed with your post. i am happy there are groups of people who have this kind of ministry,especially the generic pharmacy - giving bibles. how could i avail free bibles?
GeoLis said…
I think they give it yearly. Just ask PBS (Phil. Bible Society) when are they giving again. We were just informed by a pastor friend about it.

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