Hubby's Clothes

My hubby always tells me that I have lots of clothes. He maybe right but I always tell him, look who's talking. He himself got lots of clothes too. In fact our closet is already full of clothes and there's no more space to accommodate new set of clothes. We are thinking of giving away some of our clothes that we don't use no more to those poor people in our church. I know they will appreciate it very much. Hubby had gained weight that's why most of his clothes don't fit him no more. I need to buy him Tall Mens Clothing with XL size so he can wear them to church.

I was going through all his clothes the other day and I asked him to try his church clothes and most of them are already tight. Gosh, hubby had been eating good. You can't tell that we don't have much money, huh! Others thought that we have a huge bank account that's why last week, a neighbor came to our house to borrow money. I told him the truth that we don't have money right now and that we can't even have our car fixed. I'm just working my butt off in blogging so I can help in our budget to buy our necessities like groceries and my hubby's church clothes.


fimpang said…
Sir,im very happy and bless by your ministry,im a pastor of the island of Dauis and Panglao island,im the president of ministerial association and if you can help our island for thei bible distribution ill be happy Sir.thanks so much for your love.

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