Water Baptism at the Resort

Last September 17th, there were 4 people from our church whom pastor baptized in the resort, just 15 minutes drive from our church. This was the 2nd batch who were baptized this year. The first batch was May 28th and there were 10 people whom pastor baptized in the beach. I praise God for souls being saved.

We didn't here a jeepney this time. We only used the van of my brother-in-law and a tricycle of one of our church members. We limited the people to come because of the entrance fee in the resort which is P50 per person. When we went to the beach for baptism the last few times, many church members went with us and we hired a jeepney. It was okay because we didn't pay entrance fee there. This time, there were 17 of us who went and we brought lunch for all of us which we ate after the water baptism.

The resort was nice. It was 2 swimming pools, one for the adults and the other one is for the kids. Pastor opted to do the water baptism in the kids' swimming pool. There were some kids swimming that time and I had to ask them to be quiet and still while the baptism is being done. The cooperated and the baptism went well. The water was cold because it was cloudy that day. I took some photos and after the baptism, we had our lunch in the shed that we rented for P500. After lunch, the kids went to swim and not long after that, it rained. We had to go in the shed and when the rain stopped we went headed home.

Click here for the first batch of water baptism at the beach and also here for the water baptism last May this year. I forgot to make a post about the water baptism we had last year in May 2010 wherein pastor baptized 10 kids at the beach. By the way, I am the one taking all the photos. I am not a professional photographer and my camera is not DSLR but I just love taking photos.


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