Sunday Service

It's Sunday once again and we had a good service this morning. As usual, I taught the kids in Sunday School. There were some kids who were absent especially the boys. Sometimes they get lazy and I got so disappointed that they were not there on Sundays. Anyways, our Sunday School went well despite the lesser attendance. The kids memorized the memory verse that I gave last Sunday and they recited it in front of the class one by one. I gave them rewards for doing that.

Our worship service had less attendance too. I don't know why but it's one of those days. Maybe we need to visit more and do some follow-ups. The problem is our car needs to be fixed and right now we don't have the budget for that. We are waiting on God's blessings so we can have our car fixed. The message this morning was entitled "Sanctify" and the text verses are found in John 17:13-20.

Sanctification is regarded as a work of grace following one's salvation. God calls all believers to holiness and sanctification. We, as a child of God that are sanctified are to be committed to God's truth and serve as witnesses to His power and grace in this world. We are to be dedicated for God's exclusive use and we are encouraged to sanctify ourselves to God's service.


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