How It's Made

Authored by Raymond Whitney

For those, like myself, who really like to see exactly how things work How It's Made is a fantastic show. This show is on regularly throughout the week providing a constant stream of interesting programming. Almost nightly I race home from work with the intention of kicking off my shoes, reclining in my chair, and watching this program on

There are normally two or three different products, concepts, or ideas showcased and explained during one half-hour show. One night they could be showing how candy bars are made and another night it might be the deconstruction of the U.S spacecraft. Regardless of the items featured??this show is captivating.

It's sometimes hard to find a program that is both informative as well as interesting, but How It's Made has it all. I've watched the show for several years and doubt it will be off the air anytime soon. In fact, many times viewers write in to suggest topics for the show. I think the reason so many people like this show is due to the fact they feel involved. A viewer gets the chance to really see "up close? how machines of all types operate.

Whether one is mechanically inclined or has never held a wrench in their hand, really doesn't matter??this is exciting programming for all.


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