Water Baptism at The Beach

Hubby did the water baptism of the 3rd batch last May 28, 2011 at the beach. He baptized 10 people this time. There were 6 ladies and 4 kids who got baptized by pastor George. We hired a jeepney to go to the beach and we also brought with us foods for our lunch. One of the men in our church who is my uncle cooked the foods and I cooked the rice. Most of the ladies and some kids went with us too so we had a celebration after the water baptism.

During the baptism, the waves were so rough unlike the last baptisms that we had. Nevertheless, we managed to take some photos as souvenirs. Hubby said that next time that we will have baptism,we will just hold it in the resort's swimming pool.

Most of us went to the beach and had swimming after the water baptism. Though I don't swim, I went to the water and had a good time with hubby and the other church members. Then we ate lunch and enjoyed the food. My uncle was a good cook. The foods were great and all of us got full! We went home happy and I just pray that those who were baptized will have a changed life and will continue in serving the Lord.


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